HIV-1 Subtype C Sequence Datasets

The sequence dataset compiled for this section, was designed to contain strains that represent the phylogenetic relationship among subtype C complete genome sequences sampled prior to 2003. Novel subtype C complete genomes are continually being sequenced and their inclusion in alignments may alter the phylogenetic relationship of the existing subtype C sequences. One should check for new HIV sequences within the Los Alamos HIV sequence database and NCBI before using the datasets distributed in this page.

Complete Genome (26 strains):

Complete genome sequences of subtype C from Brazil (2), Botswana (5), India (5), Ethiopia (1), Israel (1), South Africa (5), Tanzania (4), Zambia (2) and Kenya (1) were collected from LANL and used for phylogenetic analysis.

Download Nucleotide Sequences :

Download the Amino Acid Sequences:

Complete Genome (116 strains):

Another dataset of subtype C sequences was compiled containing all the subtype C sequences available to date (March 2004) from the Los Alamos database. The dataset contained a total of 116 sequences from different patients (excluding multiple clones from the same patient).

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