Out of Africa: The BioAfrica website

Authors: de Oliveira T.
Title: Out of Africa: The BioAfrica website
Journal: BioTechniques,41:129 (2006)

Reference: de Oliveira T. Out of Africa: The BioAfrica website BioTechniques,41:129 (2006).

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Originally developed as a part of Dr. Tulio de Oliveira?s Ph.D. thesis at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, BioAfrica has a mission??to organize and distribute information on the HIV/AIDS subtype C epidemic in Africa.

Numerous resources support this effort, including epidemiological information, countryby- country fact sheets, a phylogenetic tree of 116 sequences, software for BLASTing, and miscellaneous pieces of information relating to the serotype?s prevalence and infection rate.

Visitors can download software products, perform proteomics analyses, and get miscellaneous information on workshops, maps, and reports. Like a one-stop shop, BioAfrica has something for everyone

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Web link: www.bioafrica.net

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