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Gender Differences in Survival among Adult Patients Starting Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa: A Multicentre Cohort Study.
Cornell M, Schomaker M, Garone DB, Giddy J, Hoffmann CJ, Lessells R, Maskew M, Prozesky H, Wood R, Johnson LF, Egger M, Boulle A, Myer L For IeDEA-SA, PLoS Medicine (2012), 9(9):e1001304.

The tainted milk of human kindness.
Goedhals D, Rossouw I, Hallbauer U, Mamabolo M, de Oliveira T, Lancet (2012), 380:702.

WHO HIV drug resistance report 2012.
WHO ResNet, including - Jordan MR, Barcarolo J, Parkin N, de Oliveira T (analysis support), Bertagnolio S, WHO report (2012), ISBN 978 92 4 150393 8:.

Modeling HIV-1 Drug Resistance as Episodic Directional Selection.
Murrell B, de Oliveira T, Seebregts C, Kosakovsky-Pond SL, Scheffler K, on behalf SATuRN, PLoS Comput Biol (2012), 8(5):e1002507.

Primary drug resistance in South Africa - data from 10 years of surveys.
Manasa J, Katzenstein D, Cassol S, Newell ML, de Oliveira T, AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses (2012), 28(6):558-565.

Surveillance of transmitted antiretroviral drug resistance among HIV-1 infected women attending antenatal clinics in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe..
Tshabalala M, Manasa J, Zijenah LS, Rusakaniko S, Kadzirange G, Mucheche M, Kassaye S, Johnston E, Katzenstein D, PLoS ONE (2011), 6(6):e21241.

Cohort profile: Hlabisa HIV Treatment and Care Programme.
Houlihan C, Bland R, Mutevedzi P, Lessells R, Ndirangu J, Thulare H, Newell ML, Int J Epidemiol (2011), 40:318-26.

Retention in HIV care for individuals not yet eligible for antiretroviral therapy: rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Lessells RJ, Mutevedzi PC, Cooke GS, Newell ML., J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr (2011), 56(3):e79-86.

Association of age with mortality and virological and immunological response to antiretroviral therapy in rural South African adults.
Mutevedzi PC, Lessells RJ, Rodger AJ, Newell ML, PLoS ONE (2011), 6(7):e21795.

Poor long-term outcomes for cryptococcal meningitis in rural South Africa.
Lessells RJ, Mutevedzi PC, Heller T, Newell ML, S Afr Med (2011), 101:251-2.

International spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis from Tugela Ferry, South Africa.
Cooke GS, Beaton RK, Lessells RJ, John L, Ashworth S, Kon OM, Williams OM, Supply P, Moodley P, Pym AS, Emerg Infect Dis (2011), 17:2035-2037.

Evaluation of tuberculosis diagnostics: establishing an evidence base around the public health impact.
Lessells RJ, Cooke GS, Newell ML, Godfrey-Faussett P, J Infect Dis (2011), 204:S1187-95.

Genetic Characteristics, Coreceptor Usage Potential and Evolution of Nigerian HIV-1 Subtype G and CRF02_AG Isolate.
Ajoge HO, Gordon ML, de Oliveira T, Green TN, Ibrahim S, Shittu OS, Olonitola SO, Ahmad AA, Ndung'u T, PLoS One (2011), 6(3):e17865.

Community-based treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Heller T, Lessells RJ, Wallrauch C, Barnighausen T, Cooke GS, Mhlongo L, Master I, Newell ML, Int J TB Lung Dis (2010), 14:420-426.

The TB challenge in a rural South African HIV programme.
Houlihan C, Mutevedzi P, Lessells R, Cooke G, Tanser F, Newell ML, BMC Infect Dis (2010), 10:23.

Scale-up of a decentralised HIV treatment programme in rural KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa: does rapid expansion affect patient outcomes?.
Mutevedzi P, Lessells RJ, Heller T, Barnighausen T, Cooke G, Newell ML, Bull WHO (2010), 88:593-600.

Comparative performance of the REGA subtyping tool version 2 versus version 1.
Abecasis AB, Wang Y, Libin P, Imbrechts S, de Oliveira T, Camacho RJ, Vandamme AM, Infect Genet Evol. (2010), 10(3):380-5.

The HIV-1 Subtype C Epidemic in South America is Linked to the United Kingdom.
de Oliveira T, Pillay D, Gifford RJ; for the UK Collaborative Group on HIV Drug Resistance, PLoS One (2010), 19;5(2):e9311.

Public Database for HIV Drug Resistance in southern Africa.
de Oliveira T, Shafer WR, Seebregts C, for SATuRN, Nature (2010), 464(7289):673.

The RNA virus database.
Belshaw R, de Oliveira T, Markowitz S, Rambaut A, Nucleic Acids Res (2009), 37(Database issue):D431-5.

Genetic variability of human immunodeficiency virus-1 in Bahia state, Northeast, Brazil: high diversity of HIV genotypes.
Monteiro JP, Alcantara LC, de Oliveira T, Oliveira AM, Melo MA, Brites C, Galvao-Castro B, J Med Virol (2009), 81(3):391-9.

Extensive HIV-1 intra-host recombination is common in tissues with abnormal histopathology.
Lamers SL, Salemi M, Galligan DC, de Oliveira T, Fogel GB, Granier SC, Zhao L, Brown JN, Morris A, Masliah E, McGrath MS, PLoS One (2009), 4(3):e5065.

Functional characteristics of HIV-1 subtype C compatible with increased heterosexual transmissibility.
Walter BL, Armitage AE, Graham SC, de Oliveira T, Skinhoj P, Jones EY, Stuart DI, McMichael AJ, Chesebro B, Iversen AK, AIDS (2009), 23(9):1047-57.

A standardized framework for accurate, high-throughput genotyping of recombinant and non-recombinant viral sequences.
Alcantara LC, Cassol S, Libin P, Deforche K, Pybus OG, Van Ranst M, Galvao-Castro B, Vandamme AM, de Oliveira T, Nucleic Acids Res (2009), 37(Web Server issue):W634-42.

Prevalence of HIV type-1 drug-associated mutations in pre-therapy patients in the Free State, South Africa..
Huang KH, Goedhals D, Fryer H, van Vuuren C, Katzourakis A, De Oliveira T, Brown H, Cassol S, Seebregts C, McLean A, Klenerman P, Phillips R, Frater J; Bloemfontein-Oxford Collaborative Group., Antivir Ther. (2009), 14(7):975-84.

Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology of Subtype C HIV-1 in Zimbabwe.
Dalai SC, de Oliveira T, Harkins GH, Kassaye SG, Lint J, Manasa J, Johnston E, Katzenstein D, AIDS (2009), 23(18):2523-32.

HIV and hepatitis B co-infection in Africa.
Lessells RJ, Main J, Cooke GS, Lancet Infectious Diseases (2008), 8:210-11.

Effect of the HIV epidemic on liver cancer in Africa.
Lessells RJ, Cooke GS, Lancet (2008), 371:1504.

High-resolution molecular epidemiology and evolutionary history of HIV-1 subtypes in Albania.
Salemi M, de Oliveira T, Ciccozzi M, Rezza G, Goodenow MM, PLoS One (2008), 3(1):e1390.

The HIV type 1 epidemic in Bulgaria involves multiple subtypes and is sustained by continuous viral inflow from West and East European countries.
Salemi M, Goodenow MM, Montieri S, de Oliveira T, Santoro MM, Beshkov D, Alexiev I, Elenkov I, Elenkov I, Yakimova T, Varleva T, Rezza G, Ciccozzi M, AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses (2008), 24(6):771-9.

Conserved footprints of APOBEC3G on Hypermutated human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and human endogenous retrovirus HERV-K(HML2) sequences.
Armitage AE, Katzourakis A, de Oliveira T, Welch JJ, Belshaw R, Bishop KN, Kramer B, McMichael AJ, Rambaut A, Iversen AK, J Virol (2008), 82(17):8743-61.

Evaluation of the Partec flow cytometer against the BD FACSCalibur system for monitoring immune responses of human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients in Zimbabwe.
Manasa J, Musabaike H, Masimirembwa C, Burke E, Luthy R, Mudzori J, Clin Vaccine Immunol (2007), 14(3):293-8.

Sequential broadening of CTL responses in early HIV-1 infection is associated with viral escape.
Karlsson AC, Iversen AK, Chapman JM, de Oliveira T, Spotts G, McMichael AJ, Davenport MP, Hecht FM, Nixon DF, PLos One (2007), 2(2):e225.

Re-mapping the molecular features of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 Brazilian sequences using a bioinformatics unit established in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, to give support to the viral epidemiology studies.
de Queiroz AT, Mota-Miranda AC, de Oliveira T, Moreau DR, Urpia Cde C, Carvalho CM, Galvao-Castro B, Alcantara LC, Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz (2007), 102(2):133-9.

Evidence for recombination in natural populations of porcine circovirus type 2 in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Ma CM, Hon CC, Lam TY, Li VY, Wong CK, de Oliveira T, Leung FC, J Gen Virol (2007), 88(Pt 6):1733-7.

An outbreak of HIV-1 subtype G among Italian injecting drug users.
Ciccozzi M, Montieri S, Salemi M, De Oliveira T, Dorrucci M, Sinicco A, De Luca A, Giuliani M, Balotta C, Rezza G, AIDS (2007), 21(9):1213-5.

Recombination confounds the early evolutionary history of human immunodeficiency virus type 1: subtype G is a circulating recombinant form.
Abecasis AB, Lemey P, Vidal N, de Oliveira T, Peeters M, Camacho R, Shapiro B, Rambaut A, Vandamme AM, J Virol (2007), 81(16):8543-51.

Libya should stop denying scientific evidence on HIV.
Colizzi V, de Oliveira T, Roberts RJ, Nature (2007), 448(7157):992.

Phylogenetic surveillance of viral genetic diversity and the evolving molecular epidemiology of human immunodeficiency virus type 1.
Gifford RJ, de Oliveira T, Rambaut A, Pybus OG, Dunn D, Vandamme AM, Kellam P, Pillay D; UK Collaborative Group on HIV Drug Resistance, J Virol (2007), 81(23):13050-6.

Mapping the molecular characteristics of Brazilian human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 Env (gp46) and Pol amino acid sequences for vaccine design.
Mota-Miranda AC, de Oliveira T, Moreau DR, Bomfim C, Galvao-Castro B, Alcantara LC Jr, Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz (2007), 102(6):741-9.

Out of Africa: The BioAfrica website.
de Oliveira T, BioTechniques (2006), 41:129.

Tracing the origin of Brazilian HTLV-1 as determined by analysis of host and viral genes.
Alcantara LC, de Oliveira T, Gordon M, Pybus O, Mascarenhas RE, Seixas MO, Goncalves M, Hlela C, Cassol S, Galvao-Castro B, AIDS (2006), 20(5):780-2.

Assessment of automated genotyping protocols as tools for surveillance of HIV-1 genetic diversity.
Gifford R, de Oliveira T, Rambaut A, Myers RE, Gale CV, Dunn D, Shafer R, Vandamme AM, Kellam P, Pillay D; UK Collaborative Group on HIV Drug Resistance, AIDS (2006), 20(11):1521-9.

Molecular epidemiology: HIV-1 and HCV sequences from Libyan outbreak.
de Oliveira T, Pybus OG, Rambaut A, Salemi M, Cassol S, Ciccozzi M, Rezza G, Gattinara GC, D'Arrigo R, Amicosante M, Perrin L, Colizzi V, Perno CF; Benghazi Study Group, Nature (2006), 444(7121):836-7.

Scourge of a Continent: The BioAfrica Website.
de Oliveira T, Cassol S (edited by M. Leslie), Science (2005), 310:1877.

BioAfrica's HIV-1 proteomics resource: combining protein data with bioinformatics tools.
Doherty RS, de Oliveira T, Seebregts C, Danaviah S, Gordon M, Cassol S, Retrovirology (2005), 2:18.

Different epidemic potentials of the HIV-1B and C subtypes.
Salemi M, de Oliveira T, Soares MA, Pybus O, Dumans AT, Vandamme AM, Tanuri A, Cassol S, Fitch WM, J Mol Evol (2005), 60(5):598-605.

An automated genotyping system for analysis of HIV-1 and other microbial sequences.
de Oliveira T, Deforche K, Cassol S, Salminen M, Paraskevis D, Seebregts C, Snoeck J, van Rensburg EJ, Wensing AM, van de Vijver DA, Boucher CA, Camacho R, Vandamme AM, Bioinformatics (2005), 21(19):3797-800.

Phylodynamic analysis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in distinct brain compartments provides a model for the neuropathogenesis of AIDS.
Salemi M, Lamers SL, Yu S, de Oliveira T, Fitch WM, McGrath MS, J Virol (2005), 79(17):11343-52.

Management of hepatitis B co-infection in human immunodeficiency virus infected subjects.
Lessells R, Leen CLS, Eur J Clin Micro ID (2004), 23(5):366-374.

A specific subtype C of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 circulates in Brazil.
Soares MA, De Oliveira T, Brindeiro RM, Diaz RS, Sabino EC, Brigido L, Pires IL, Morgado MG, Dantas MC, Barreira D, Teixeira PR, Cassol S, Tanuri A; Brazilian Network for Drug Resistance Surveillance, AIDS (2003), 17(1):11-21.

An integrated genetic data environment (GDE)-based LINUX interface for analysis of HIV-1 and other microbial sequences.
De Oliveira T, Miller R, Tarin M, Cassol S, Bioinformatics (2003), 19(1):153-4.

Molecular characteristics of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C viruses from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: implications for vaccine and antiretroviral control strategies.
Gordon M, De Oliveira T, Bishop K, Coovadia HM, Madurai L, Engelbrecht S, Janse van Rensburg E, Mosam A, Smith A, Cassol S, J Virol (2003), 77(4):2587-99.

Mosaic genomes of the six major primate lentivirus lineages revealed by phylogenetic analyses.
Salemi M, De Oliveira T, Courgnaud V, Moulton V, Holland B, Cassol S, Switzer WM, Vandamme AM, J Virol (2003), 77(13):7202-13.

Variability at human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C protease cleavage sites: an indication of viral fitness?.
de Oliveira T, Engelbrecht S, Janse van Rensburg E, Gordon M, Bishop K, zur Megede J, Barnett SW, Cassol S, J Virol (2003), 77(17):9422-30.

Novel evolutionary analyses of full-length HIV type 1 subtype C molecular clones from Cape Town, South Africa.
zur Megede J, Engelbrecht S, de Oliveira T, Cassol S, Scriba TJ, van Rensburg EJ, Barnett SW, AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses (2002), 18(17):1327-32.

Molecular cloning and functional analysis of three type D endogenous retroviruses of sheep reveal a different cell tropism from that of the highly related exogenous jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus.
Palmarini M, Hallwirth C, York D, Murgia C, de Oliveira T, Spencer T, Fan H, J Virol (2000), 74(17):8065-76.

Sequence of the env gene of some KwaZulu-Natal, South African strains of HTLV type I.
Bhigjee AI, Tarin ML, Bill PL, De Oliveira T, York D, AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses (1999), 15(13):1229-33.

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