P6 GAG protein

HIV p6 mediates interactions between p55 and Vpr, leading to the incorporation of Vpr into assembling virions.

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PDB: not available
SwissProt: P04591 (HIV-1 HXB2 GAG)
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Los Alamos HIV structure DB: not available
EMBL: K03455 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]
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  • p6 (52 amino acids)

Cleavage site:


  • Virion
  • Cell cytoplasm


  • Mediates interactions between p55 and Vpr (Ref. #4)
  • Initiates incorporation of Vpr into assembling virions
    (Ref. #4)

Additional Information:

  • contains a late domain, which is necessary for the efficient release of budding virions from an infected cell

Genomic Location: [TOP]

Reference Sequences:

HIV-1 (HXB2):

          10         20         30         40         50 
| | | | |

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Length: 52 amino acids
Molecular Weight: 5784 Da
Theoretical pI: 4.60

Protein Domains/Folds/Motifs: [TOP]

Secondary Structure prediction:

Antigenic Sites - EMBOSS:

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Protein kinase C:
Casein kinase II:
Tyrosine kinase:
cAMP / cGMP kinase:
Cell attachment motif:
Asp Protease motif:
Asp Prot Retro motif:
Cysteine-rich Region:
Tryptophan-rich Region:
Zinc-finger CCHC motif:
Leucine Zipper motif:

Protein-Protein Interactions: [TOP]

  • HIV p6 interacts with the HIV Gag (p55) polyprotein
  • HIV p6 interacts with HIV Vpr
  • HIV p6 interacts with proteins involved in the human multivesicular bodies (MVB) biogenesis pathway facilitating budding of virions
  • Some of the proteins involved in the MVB pathway include: AIP1, TSG101/ESCRT-I and CHMP4/ESCRT-III

Primary and Secondary Database Entries: [TOP]


ViralZone: HIV-1
PDB/MMDB: Search for HIV & p6

SwissProt: P04591 (HIV-1 HXB2 GAG)
EMBL: K03455; AAB50258.1 [EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ]

InterPro: none
Pfam: PF00558UNKNOWN
Prints: none
ProDom: PD454601 (1 - 52) / PD149817 (1 - 38) / PD425744 (2 - 52) / PD613638 (2 - 49)
SCOP: none
BLOCKS: P04591
Prosite: P04591
ProtoNet: P04591
ProtoMap: P04591
Database of Interacting Proteins: P04591
ModBase: P04591
Swiss-2DPAGE: 2D gel

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