Introduction: new media section

Sawubona! Dumela! Tumzana! Jambo! Ola! Hello in a few of many languages spoken in Africa! This page starts the first new media section (videos, pictures galleries, podcast, etc) of the We will start in a festive moment in Africa with the advances of antiretroviral therapy (ART) programmes to cover over one million people in treatment in Southern Africa  and the first football world cup in Africa's soil.

Our plan is to use new media to engage the local and international community with our research and interventions as well as to provide scientific information on aspects related to HIV origins, prevention, evolution and treatment.

New media pages

Africa Centre Informational Video

In this page, we link to the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies informational video available at

Globo Universidade produces a program on Brazilian academics working in South Africa.
In this program Dr. Tulio de Oliveira (Africa Centre and talks about his group research on ART HIV drug resistance to the Brazilian TV channel Globo.

South Africa World Cup 2010 Fever
At the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies area, where people from work.

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