Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database - A curated public database designed to represent, store, and analyze the divergent forms of data underlying HIV drug resistance.

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Last updated: 02/16/11
DHHS: AIDSinfo Clinical GuidelinesGuidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services, including:
    *Post-exposure prophylaxis
    *Opportunistic infections
AIDSinfo Drug DatabaseChoose an FDA-approved or investigational anti-HIV drug and find links to guideline tables and drug records.
CDC GuidelinesIncludes CDC guidelines for community planning, counseling and testing, evaluation, occupational and non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis, patient care, prevention, surveillance, and treatment.
CDC recommendations for HIV testing2006 recommendations for testing of adults, adolescents, and pregnant women.
WHO HIV/AIDS Guidelines World Health Organization guidelines including post-exposure prophylaxis, prevention of mother-to-child transmission, surveillance and public health recommendations, TB-HIV co-management, and the UNAIDS/WHO AIDS Epidemic Update 2009.
IAPAC Drug Guide 2007Clear, concise summaries of all FDA-approved drugs, including visuals.
HIV Drug InteractionsCheck for drug interactions and pharmacology resources. Developed and maintained by the University of Liverpool.
PDR.netComprehensive drug information including the full text of package inserts. Downloadable drug interactions to PDA available. Registration required (free).
HIV Drug Resistance ProgramManaged by National Institute of Standards and Technology
BHIVA GuidelinesBritish HIV Association guidelines including management of HIV infection in pregnant women, immunization and treatment, HIV associated malignancies, and HBV-HIV, HCV-HIV, and TB-HIV co-infection.
Medical Management of HIV InfectionManual of diagnosis and treatment by Drs. John G. Bartlett and Joel E. Gallant, Johns Hopkins University. Requires log-in (free).
IDSA Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of TuberculosisInfectious Disease Society of America guidelines, published 2003.

Drug Name(s)Trade Name(s) and Package Inserts*Additional namesManufacturer**
Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs)
didanosineVidex®/VidexEC® ddI BMS
tenofovirViread®TDF, PMPAGilead
zidovudineRetrovir®AZT, ZDVGSK
Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs)
etravirineIntelence® ETVTibotec
nevirapineViramune®NVPBoehringer Ingelheim
Protease Inhibitors (PIs)
amprenavir (discontinued)Agenerase®GSK
lopinavir and ritonavirKaletra®LPV/rAbbott
tipranavirAptivus® TPV Boehringer Ingelheim
Fusion Inhibitors
enfurvirtide Fuzeon® T-20, ENF Roche
Entry Inhibitors
maraviroc Selzentry® MVC Pfizer
Integrase Inhibitors (INIs)
raltegravir Isentress® RAL Merck
Fixed Dose Combinations
abacavir and lamivudineEpzicom®ABC/3TCGSK
zidovudine and lamivudineCombivir®AZT/3TCGSK
abacavir, lamivudine, and zidovudineTrizivir®ABC/3TC/AZT GSK
tenofovir and emtricitabineTruvada®TDF/FTCGilead
tenofovir, emtricitabine, and efavirenzAtripla®TDF/FTC/EFVGilead, BMS
Generic Fixed Dose Combinations
lamivudine and zidovudineDuovir3TC/ZDVCipla
nevirapine, lamivudine, and zidovudineDuovir-NNVP/3TC/ZDVCipla
nevirapine, lamivudine, and stavudineTriomuneNVP/3TC/d4TCipla
* See Drugs@FDA to search approval/label history and related documents by brand name.
** GSK = GlaxoSmithKline; BMS = Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Clinical Care Options for HIVHIV treatment updates, conference coverage, slide sets, and tools. Registration required (free).
National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP)Comprehensive coverage of publications and news on HIV treatment.
HIVandHepatitis.comUp to date news coverage and conference highlights.
Medscape HIV/AIDSExtensive resource centers, journals, and news on a number of conditions. Registration required (free).
IAS-USAInternational AIDS Society-USA resources, including CME course offerings, online case-based CME modules, full-text electronic versions of Topics in HIV Medicine issues, and other resources
Johns Hopkins AIDS ServicePOC-IT HIV Guide. Registration required (free).
AIDS Education Global Information System (AEGIS)Patient newsletters, physician-oriented review journals
The BodyNews, conference coverage, patient education, "Ask the Experts"
Physicians Research NetworkRegistration required (free).
International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC)Comprehensive listing for both IAPAC members and non-IAPAC conferences.
AidsmapCommunity-based organization in the UK.
Project InformPatient education, Hotline, Outreach programs

Journal/URLArchivesAccess Policy
AIDSFull text since 1988 Open access 1 year after publication, to articles back to 1997. Other access requires subscription.
AIDS Research and Human RetrovirusesFull text since 1999Full text requires a subscription or single-paper purchase.
AIDS ReviewsFull text since 1999Open access to all but the two most recent issues, which require a subscription.
Annals of Internal MedicineFull text since 1993Free access to full text 6 months after publication, as well as to select new articles. Access to most newly published articles requires a subscription.
Antimicrobial Agents and ChemotherapyFull text since 1998, pdf since 1972Free access to full text 4 months after publication. Access to newly published articles requires a subscription.
Antiviral TherapyFull text since 1999Subscription needed for full access.
British Medical Journal (BMJ)Full text since 1994Articles since 1994 can be accessed for free 1 year after publication from the website; back-issues to 1963 are available from PubMed Central. Access to newly published articles requires a subscription.
Clinical Infectious DiseasesFull text since 1997Full issues cannot be downloaded; subscription necessary to view full text or to order back-issues.
HIV Clinical TrialsFull text since 2000Subscription needed for full access.
HIV MedicineFull text since 1999Full text requires a subscription.
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (JAIDS)Full text since 1996Free access to full text 1 year after publication. Access to newly published articles requires a subscription.
Journal of Clinical MicrobiologyFull text since 1998, pdf since 1975Free access to full text 4 months after publication. Access to newly published articles requires a subscription.
Journal of Infectious DieasesSelected full text since 1997Full issues cannot be downloaded; subscription necessary to view full text or to order back-issues.
Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)Full text since 1998, selected pdfs since 1992Most full text requires one-time access purchase or a subscription.
Journal of VirologyFull text since 1998, pdf since 1967Free access to full text 4 months after publication. Access to newly published articles requires a subscription.
LancetFull text since 1996Access to all abstracts and selected full text with free registration. Subscription needed for full access.
MMWR Reports on HIV/AIDSFull text since 1981Open access.
NatureFull text since 1869 A personal subscription will give you access to the archive dating back to January 1997. Access via a site license includes a minimum of four years; institutions can add additional archived content to their license at any time. Articles can also be published individually.
Nature MedicineFull text since 1995Some content is freely available without restrictions; some is free but requires registration. Full access requires a subscription.
New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)Full text since 1993Subscription needed to view full text.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)Full text since 1915Open access.
Public Library of Science (PLOS)
*PLOS Biology
*PLOS Medicine
*PLOS Pathogens

Full text since 2003
Full text since 2004
Full text since 2005
Open access.
RetrovirologyFull text since 2004Open access.
ScienceFull text since 1997, pdf since 1880Full text since 1997, 1 year after publication with free registration.
Topics in HIV MedicineFull text since 2000Open access.

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic
Infections (CROI)
Sponsored by the Foundation of Retroviral and Human Health, NIAID and CDC. Abstracts (1997 - 2008), Posters (1999 - 2008), and selected presentations (1999 - 2008) are online.
IAS ConferencesInternational AIDS Conferences in Vienna Australia, 2010 and Rome Italy, 2011 sponsored by the International AIDS Society (IAS).
International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop Sponsored by Informed Horizons. See also for past and future conferences.
Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC)American Society for Microbiology. Site contains resources from ICAAC 2002-2009.
Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)Abstracts and videotapes can be ordered online.
International Workshop of HIV Dynamics and EvolutionSponsored by the University of California, San Diego. Submit abstracts and register online.
HIV Drug Resistance Program Symposium:
Antiviral Drug Resistance
Sponsored by the HIV Drug Resistance Program, National Cancer Institute. Abstracts available online.
European AIDS ConferenceSponsored by the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS). Information on previous conferences can be found here.
European HIV Drug Resistance WorkshopAbstracts and presentations from 2010 and 2009 available online.
HIV PathogenesisKeystone Symposia.
Frontiers in Drug Development for Antiretroviral
Therapies (HIV DART)
Sponsored by Informed Horizons. See also for past or future conferences.
Virology EducationLarge number of medical workshops, conferences, and courses.
South African HIV Drug resistance and bioinformatics workshopsHIV-1 drug resistance and bioinformatics workshops organized in South Africa. It organizes the 4th South African HIV Drug Resistance and Treatment Monitoring Workshop in 2009

HIV Drug Resistance DatabaseMaintained at Stanford University. Annotated collection of reverse transcriptase and protease sequenceslinked to drug treatment histories and drug susceptibility test results
Los Alamos National LaboratoriesMaintained by the Theoretical Biology Group at LANL.
NIAID sites
NCBI Sites
HIV Structural DatabaseStructural database maintained at the NCI devoted to HIV and SIV protease and RT
BioAfrica (Bioinformatics for HIV Research in Africa) Contains information on HIV proteomics, subtype C distribution, and the REGA HIV-1 subtype tool

AIDS Treatment Data Network Guide for health-care personnel and patients. Information on AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP).
AIDSinfoDHHS. Browse and search through clinical trials. Summary of completed and ongoing trials.
ClinicalTrials.govNIH database of ongoing clinical research trials. Search engine.
The Adult AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG)Password required for ACTG protocols, technical documents (e.g. ACTG Virology Manual), member directory. Public site;
Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR)Links to each of the CFAR sites.
Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS (BETA)Bulletin of clinical trials and other resources.

National Clinicians' Post-Exposure
Prophylaxis Hotline
24-Hour advice on managing occupational exposures to HIV, hepatitis, and other blood borne pathogens. "PEPline" (888-HIV-4911)
National HIV Telephone Consultation ServiceCase consultation for physicians, nurses, and other health-care givers. "Warmline" (800-933-3413)
National Perinatal HIV Consultation and
Referral Service
24-Hour advice on treating infected pregnant women and infants (888-448-8765)