An integrated linux environment for HBV evolutionary analysis based on GDE for Linux:
Developed by:  Dimitris  and Tulio de Oliveira, at Rega Institute, Belgium.
version 1.0, 16/03/2002, updated Sept. 2004

GDE for Linux menu download:

Contents: HBV Sequence datasets, HBV Sequence databases, Bioinformatics software, References and Online resources

HBV Sequence datasets 

1. Reference sequence : 
HPBADRA Hepatitis B virus, complete genome,  DNA, 3215 bp 
FASTA file, GenBank file, Ref Seq. NCBI, Genome picture.

Genome picture:
Figure of the HBV genome

2. Genetic variants dataset: 
FASTA file , details (24 complete genome strains)

3. Dataset for phylogenetic analysis:
complete genome - FASTA file , details (24 complete genome strains).

Sequence Databases for local blast and Xylem access:

1. Genbank database (strains, date, where, size)
HBV Sequence download at HBV Sequence Db (Japan)

Bioinformatics Software:
A large number of software had been integrated, list of the software
The software need to be installed in your system following the instructions. [PDF file]

Online Resources:

Sequence  Databases:
Hepatitis B Virus Database at DNA database of Japan
Viral Genome resource at NCBI 

International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses
HBV Taxonomy report NCBI 
Phylogenetic Tree at the HBV sequence database (Japan)

Alignments search and repositories:
Hepatitis B Virus Database at DNA database of Japan

4. Reference  papers for phylogenetic analysis:
A new genotype of hepatitis B virus: complete genome and phylogenetic relatedness.
Stuyver L, De Gendt S, Van Geyt C, Zoulim F, Fried M, Schinazi RF, Rossau R.



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