GDE Linux Tutorial

An integrated linux environment for bioinformatics and evolutionary analysis based on the Genetic Data Environment (GDE).

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de Oliveira T, Miller R, Tarin M, Cassol S. An Integrated Genetic Data Environment (GDE)-Based LINUX Interface for Analysis of HIV-1 and Other Microbial Sequences. (2003) Bioinformatics, 19(1): 153-4.

To facilitate genetic analyses, we developed a rapid, high-throughput bioinformatics tool that combines the flexibility of the Genetic Data Environment (GDE) with the power of LINUX. 
Its main advantage is the ability to "wrap" around a wide range of bioinformatics programs and display the program output. Incorporating new functions is relatively simple since the code for menu editing is similar to the code used to run the software command line. New software is integrated by editing a unique file that controls the menu appearance (.GDEmenus). 
The final result is a unique graphical interface that can access several bioinformatics programs and can be adapted to search local specific DNA and amino acid sequence databases.
For more information on GDE for Linux read the paper: An integrated GDE for Linux interface for analysis of HIV-1 and other microbial sequences at the Bioinformatics journal.

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