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SATuRN Newsletter, Sept 2012, News, blogs, conferences, publications on HIV/TB drug resistance and phylogenetics

SATuRN - 2012-09-14

In this third issue of our newsletter we have included interesting news, blogs, reports, tweets, publications and training information produced by our network. We hope you enjoy it and find it informative. We welcome any feedback about content or format.

Cape Argus

'Tainted milk' from wet nurse HIV risk

Cape Argus - 2012-08-26

By BIANCA CAPAZORIO - A BABY girl who contracted HIV after being breast-fed by a well-meaning aunt has become the first proven case in SA to have contracted HIV from a surrogate feeder or 'wet nurse'.

Zululand Observer

Local centre proves 'surrogate' HIV infection

Zululand Observer - 2012-08-24

The Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, Zululand's HIV-AIDS research hub based near Mtubatuba, has revealed the first proven HIV surrogate transmission case in South Africa.

Wellcome Trust

DNA sequencing confirms HIV transmission through surrogate breastfeeding

Wellcome Trust - 2012-08-23

DNA sequencing has provided evidence of HIV-1 transmission from an infected woman breastfeeding her niece in South Africa, drawing attention to infant feeding practices and the need for HIV testing of all breastfeeding surrogates as well as mothers.


Breastfeeding in the spotlight

SABC - 2012-08-16

A case where an aunt infected her niece with HIV through breastfeeding has drawn attention to feeding practices in South Africa. The case was published in the medical journal Lancet and highlighted the risk of HIV transmission from a surrogate carer, the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies said today.


Life Tech, SATuRN Collaborate on Dx for Antiretroviral Resistance in HIV in Africa

GenomeWeb - 2012-07-26

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - Life Technologies today announced a collaboration with the Southern African Treatment and Resistance Network (SATuRN) covering sequencing-based diagnostics for HIV patients in Africa.


Life Technologies Corporation And Southern African Treatment and Resistance Network Collaborate To Increase Access To HIV Testing In Africa

Reuters - 2012-07-24

Life Technologies Corporation announced a collaboration with the Southern African Treatment and Resistance Network (SATuRN) on sequencing-based diagnostics for HIV-infected individuals in Africa.

The Wall Street Journal

Life Technologies and SATuRN Collaborate to Increase Access to HIV Testing in Africa

The Wall Street Journal - 2012-07-24

Life and Southern African Treatment and Resistance Network (SATuRN) Partner in Sequencing-Based Surveillance of Drug Resistance

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Zooming in on home-based health care givers in rural South Africa

Author: Lungani Ndwandwe, Tulio de Oliveira - 2012-09-13

AIDS XIX 2012 conference: impressions of a South African researcher

Author: Siva Danaviah - 2012-09-12

Capturing Health in one Photo: a personal reflection

Author: Lungani Ndwandwe and Astrid Treffry-Goatley - 2012-08-14

ACiLT Practical Course on Quality Assurance of HIV-1 Drug Resistance Interpretation in Sequence Editing and Data Management Process, 7-11 May 2012

Author: Justen Manasa, Tulio de Oliveira - 2012-06-01

National Strategic Plan 2012-2016: Integrating research and all sectors of society to fight HIV, STIs and TB in South Africa

Author: Lungani Ndwandwe, Tulio de Oliveira - 2012-04-20

Shortage of doctors in rural South Africa?

Author: Lungani Ndwandwe, Tulio de Oliveira - 2012-03-29

More follow-up data on phase 2 trial of bedaquiline (TMC-207)

Author: Richard Lessells - 2012-03-15

Poetry: Toward A SATuRN Hope

Author: Joshua Machao - 2012-03-14

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